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Build Your Own Simple Electric Motor 15-210 / 15-212

Target Grades: 5-8

Need a way for students to explicitly learn how to engage in engineering design practices to solve problems?  Have them build their own simple electric motors using wire and magnets.  Extend learning from electromagnets to motors with this hands-on project set designed for the whole class.  Students explore the effects of altering the coils in the motor, wire thickness, and the effects of using different sizes, shapes, strengths, and types of magnets as they are guided through the engineering design process. This unit is complete with four experiments which culminate in a design competition.  Great for introducing guided inquiry-based learning, systematic problem solving, and engineering design practices.  Kits include instructor’s manuals with lesson plans, background information, reproducible stepwise student protocols, and guided worksheets.  Select the kit size that fits your needs.  Safety goggles and batteries not included; single kit (15-210) requires 3 D-cell batteries; class-pack (15-212) requires 18 D-cell batteries. Designed for working in 24 students working in six groups of four.

Part # 15-210, Single Kit (ideal for 1 to 4 students, make 3 motors)
Part # 15-212, Classpack (for 24 students, makes 18 motors) - SHOWN BELOW

Kit Contains:
Instructor’s Manual
Magnet Wire
Copper Wire
Magnets, Rectangular
D-Cell Battery Holder w/ Leads
Magnets, Round
Small Nails
Magnet, Ring
Wire Cutter
Neodymium Magnet
Dowel Rods