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Build a Crystal Radio w/ an Amplifier 15-225 / 15-230

Target Grades: 7-10

Students experience wavelength, frequency and amplitude while immersed in hands-on experimentation.  As students build their own old fashioned Crystal Radios, they explore the effects of design variations within the coils, building materials, and antennae number and length, on maximizing tuning and signal strength.  Then students upgrade their crystal radio into a transistor radio.  Ideal for hands on learners, as intuition plays a role in developing antenna design solutions, iterative testing, and making modifications for improvements (iterative cycle).  Great for introducing guided inquiry-based learning.  Includes a complete instructor’s manual with reproducible stepwise student protocols.  Designed for working in groups of four.

Part # 15-225, Single Kit (builds 1 radio)
Part # 15-230, Classpack (for 24 students - builds 6 radios) - SHOWN BELOW

Kit Contains:
Instructor’s Manual w/ Reproducible Student Sheets
Copper Wire
Cardboard Tube
Magnet Wire
Steel Wire
Masking tape
Germanium Diode
Mounting board
100-Kohm Resistor
82-Kohm Resistor
10-Mohm Resistor
Fahnestock Clips
Ceramic Earphone
Wire Strippers
Wood Screw
Ground Wire
Aluminum Foil
9V battery
1 nF Capacitor
9V Battery Snap
10 μF Capacitor
1 μF Capacitor