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Building Simple Circuits 15-220 / 15-224

Target Grades: 7-10

Teach simple DC circuitry using real components and help students relate projects to real world applications.  This basic approach introduces the use of easy to manipulate, reusable solder-less breadboards, resistors, LEDs, jump wires, and batteries, allowing hands-on experience with circuitry components for individual students.  Students learn to build circuits, read circuit diagrams, and investigate the effects of resistors and LEDs in real circuits.  Covers series and parallel circuits using resistors and LEDs.  Includes instructor’s manual with reproducible student guides including stepwise experimental protocols, simple circuit diagrams, data collection sheets, homework assignments, and assessment materials.  This unit is complete with five experiments, lecture information, sample data, and complete answer keys.  Separate assignments for middle and high school levels are provided.  Both single (15-220) and class kits (15-224) include one digital multimeter for teacher to demonstrate how to measure voltage, current, and resistance so that data may be collected for problem sets.  Designed for working in groups of four.

Part # 15-220, Single Kit (ideal for 1 to 4 students)
Part # 15-224, Classpack (for 24 students) - SHOWN BELOW

Kit Contains:
Instructor Manual
LED, Red
Solderless Breadboard
Battery, 9-Volt
Test Lead Wire
Battery Snap, 9V
Resistor 330 OHM
Resistor 820 OHM
Resistor 560 OHM
Resistor 680 OHM
Resistor,220 OHM,1/2Watt
Resistor 150 OHM