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Accelerated Motion 15-104

Target Grades: 9 - 14

Students investigate accelerated motion using a totally reusable system with six foot tubular ramps, toy cars, bearings, and other required materials. This simple apparatus allows students to use timed trials to measure gravitational acceleration and the car’s/ball’s coefficient of friction.  High school curriculum includes kinetic and static coefficients of friction as well as bodies on inclined planes. Includes instructor’s manual, reproducible stepwise student instructions, guided calculations including graphing of data and calculation of error, assessment questions, sample data, and complete answer keys. Appropriate for any level Physics course (including AP) as well as general science courses. Includes separate problem sets for general science and higher level Physics courses. Designed for working in groups of four to six, with materials included sufficient for up to 36 students. Meets national standards for grades 9-12.

Instructor’s Manual
Student Data Sheet
PVC Couplers
Section of PVC Pipe
3-Prong Clamp Extensions
Right Angle Clamp
Die Cast Car
Metric Tape
Steel Ball Bearing
Graph Paper