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Acids, Bases, and Salts, Microchem 4-458

Target Grades: 9-12

Students engage in three experiments to investigate the properties of acids, bases, and salts. First students use five solution indicators to explore the pH of acids and bases. Then they experience a micro-titration procedure for reacting acids and bases to form salts and learn the difference between strong and weak acids and bases. They also learn how a titration curve shows the endpoint or neutralization point for indicators. Finally, students apply the techniques they've learned to determine the concentration of acetic acid in household vinegar by titrating the weak acid with a strong base and using a phenolphthalein indicator. Includes all necessary chemicals and micro supplies for investigations. Required, but not included: distilled water. Designed for 24 students working in six groups of four. 

Kit Contains:
Instructor Manual
Student Manuals
Student Quiz Sheets
Retort Stands
Microplates (24 Well)
Microplates (96 Well)
Fine Tip Pipettes
Medicine Cups
Plastic Toothpicks
Universal Indicator Charts
Plastic Dropper Bottles
Sodium Hydroxide Solution
Acetic Acid Solution
Ammonium Hydroxide Solution
Acetic Acid Solution
Hydrochloric Acid Solution
Thymol Blue
Bromothymol Blue
Universal Indicator
Phenolphthalein Solution
Methyl Orange