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Analysis of Minerals & Soils 10-500

Target Grades: 9-12

Analysis of Minerals & Soils kit now extends the student’s experience to not only investigate the physical and chemical properties of trace evidence from a crime scene, but to learn to characterize soil texture. Ideal for Forensic Science, Agriculture, and Environmental Science Courses. Experiments include: Characterizing Soil Appearance, Acidity of Soil, Soil Comparison by Particle Size Analysis, Forensic Density Distribution of Soil Particles, Chemical Reactions of Substances in Soil, and Analysis of Glass Samples. Now includes Hands-On Soil Classification Extension Activities for Determining Soil Texture by Sedimentation and by Using the Feel Method with instructions at differentiated learning levels.

Required not included: fume hood, UV light, balance, microscope, oven/lamp or hot plate, glassware, and general lab supplies.

Contains lead nitrate. Meets national standards for grades 9-12. Note: Soil sample A contains lead nitrate; avoid direct contact with this soil and wash hands after handling.

Kit Contains:
Instructor Manual
Student Data Sheets
Soil Sample A
Soil Sample B
Soil Sample C
Soil Sample D
Soil Sample "Crime Scene"
Suspect A (Glass Beads)
Suspect B (Glass Beads)
Crime Scene (Glass Beads)
Density Gradient Tubes
Medicine Droppers
Microscope Slides
Polarizing Film
Magnifying Glasses
Plastic Forceps
Plastic Spoons
Aluminum Pans
Sets of Sieves
Universal Indicator Chart
Universal Indicator
Hydrochloric Acid Solution