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Biochemistry II 2-217

Target Grades: 9-12

Expose upper level students to an expansive survey of fascinating biochemistry experiments.  The kit introduces students to scientific techniques while examining ten different topics at a more in-depth level than Biochemistry I. Includes: Determining the pH of Foods, Saliva, and Soil; Starch Determination, Sugar Determination, Fat Determination, Protein Determination, Amino Acid Determination, Pepsin to Digestion of Protein, Ninhydrin Amino Acid Detection, Effects of Varying Conditions on Salivary Amylase Activity, Modeling How Digestion Works, Determination of Ascorbic Acid Concentration, Paper Chromatography of Various Dyes and Plant Pigments
Using Different Solvents. Ideal for biology, nutrition, general science, or biochemistry courses.  Required, but not included: a hot plate or water bath, 50mL beakers, forceps, storage jars with caps, funnels, and food samples for testing. Designed for 24 students working in six groups of four.

Kit Contains:
Instructor Manual
Chromatography Paper
pH Strips, 1-14
Filter paper
Dialysis Tubing
Vials w/ Caps
Thin Stem Pipet
Transfer Pipet
Benedicts Solution
Biuret Reagent
Hydrochloric Acid
Sodium Hydroxide
Corn Starch
Ascorbic Acid
Iodine, Diluted
Sudan IV Solution
Acetic Acid
Sodium Bicarbonate
Chromatography Solution A
Chromatography Solution B
Chromatography Solution C
Vegetable Oil
Dye Mixture
Amino Acid Mixture