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Characteristics of Matter 1-114

Target Grades: 5-9

Ten experiments in which students differentiate between physical and chemical properties and explore the characteristics of matter; color, odor, solubility, shape, size, texture, density, alkalinity, acidity, states of matter, boiling point, and melting point. Includes graphing of melting and boiling points. Students observe chemical properties of five solutions by observing their reactions with other solutions. From these reactions, students then determine the identity of two unknown solutions. Includes reproducible students data sheets, assessment questions, and answer keys. Required, but not included: goggles, balance, ice, test tubes, beaker or clear cup, 10 ml graduated cylinder, and test tube racks. Designed for 24 students working in six groups of four. Meets national standards for grades 6-9.

Kit Contains:
Instructor Manual
Spot Plates
Wood Stirrers
½ oz plastic bottles with droppers & caps
Blue Litmus
Red Litmus
Ammonia Solution
Baking Soda Solution
Calcium Chloride Solution
Washing Soda Solution
Calcium Chloride Solution
Calcium Carbonate
Sodium Chloride