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Recycling Plastics by Density 1-143 / 1-145

Target Grades: 3-12

Students use a flow chart template and a simple sink or float methodology to determine the identity of recyclable polymers.  Using small pieces of the plastics in question, students identify an item by recycle number so they know how the plastic should be recycled in their community.  Younger students should be encouraged to collect plastics for testing.  Great for introducing the concept of recycling at any grade level.  Includes the properties of individual polymers, common sources of household plastics for items in each recycle category, and the chemical structure, description, and density range of each recyclable polymer for applications with older students.  Class kit includes materials for 24 students working in groups of four and requires goggles and scissors.  Mini kit includes one pair of goggles.

1-143 Recycling Plastics by Density Class Kit
1-145 Recycling Plastics by Density Mini Kit (ideal for one student or a small group)

Kit Contains:
Instructor Manual
Special Needs Guide
Methods of Assessment Manual
Material Safety Data Sheet
Plastic Containers
Medicine Cups
Deionized Water
Platsic Cups
Styrofoam Cups
Corn Oil
Sodium Chloride,  Saturated
Sodium Chloride,  10% Solution