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Common Indicators

Target Grades: 5 - 8

Introduce students to the colorful world of acid base indicators. Teach students when it is appropriate to use which indicator, and how different indicators are commonly used. Includes Phenolphthalein for indicating basic solutions and use in standard acid-base titration, Universal Indicator for using over a wide range of acid-base pH, and Methyl Orange for testing strongly acid solutions. The kit includes one 30 ml dropper bottle of each Phenolphthalein, Universal Indicator, and Methyl Orange, a sample reproducible lab sheet for recording results for testing common substances, and six Universal Indicator Color Charts.

The kit has a wide variety of applications. A great kit for investigating. Utilizing an experimental approach, students can predict, observe, and analyze the pH of common household solutions, physiological fluids, environmental samples, and foods to become familiar with acid base chemistry and characterize the pH profiles of different classes of substances.

Kit Contains:

Instructor’s Manual
Phenolphthalein, 30 ml
Universal Indicator, 30 ml
Methyl Orange Indicator, 30 ml
Universal Indicator Color Charts