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Crime Scene 10-542

Target Grades: 5-8

This kit takes students through six exercises using reasoning, common sense, math skills, biology, and chemistry to identify a crime scene: Scene Mapping, Hair Analysis, Soil Analysis, Rope Analysis, Analysis of Crime Scene Trash, and Interpretation of Police Evidence. When suspects and victims enter and/or leave a crime scene they bring with them and carry away useful pieces of evidence. Students learn to conduct a proper search, like real crime scene technicians, to avoid destroying evidence. They also learn to properly gather and document evidence and make factual interpretations of a crime scene. Required, but not included: microscopes, graduated cylinders, test tubes, rulers, markers, notebook paper, white paper, and water. Designed for 24 students working in six groups of four. Meets national standards for grades 5-8.

Kit Contains:
Instructor Manual
Student Investigation Packets
Graph Paper
Glass Slides
Cover Slips
Mounting Media
Universal Indicator Solution
Sifting Screen
Soil Samples
Hair Samples
Rope Samples
Molding Clay
Trash Evidence (including 9 trace evidence samples)
Plastic Spoons
Magnifying Glasses