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Dietary Chemical Assessment 8-304

Target Grades 6-12

The purpose of this kit is to provide students with the necessary tools for evaluating their own dietary requirements in a very scientific way. Students learn about sources of energy, proteins, vitamins, and minerals; and the functions of these nutrients within their bodies. They record their food intake over a three-day period. By using the food charts provided and internet resources, they determine their average daily caloric intake. Then they determine their basal metabolic rates and average energy expenditures over the three-day period. They also determine the number of calories they should obtain from carbohydrate, lipid, and protein sources to satisfy their energy expenditures based on the percentage of the total energy requirement each nutrient should supply. Finally, students compare their intake of vitamins and minerals to the recommended dietary allowances. From this information, students may identify and correct any dietary imbalances that occur and restructure their food intake.

Kit Contains:
Instructor Manual
Nutritive Value of Foods
Basal Metabolism Charts
Energy Expenditure Charts
Breakfast Food Charts
Lunch Food Charts
Dinner Food Charts
Sugar Content Chart
3-day Food Diary