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DNA Model with Paint 9-102

Target Grades: 7-14

Students construct this DNA model from six different molecular pieces, collectively depicting sixteen nucleotide pairs worth of DNA (8 AT and 8 GC pairs). The base pairs and the sugar and phosphate units are each manufactured as single plastic units. Because there are only nine molecular parts per nucleotide pair, which snap together by means of a pop-it bead mechanism, the model can be easily assembled. The model may be disassembled and reassembled like a puzzle, enabling extended use. The model is unpainted and individual molecules may be painted by students either prior to or after assembly. Model with paint includes six paint colors, paint thinner, and six brushes. A laboratory exercise and problem set accompany the model. After completing the building exercise and problem set, students will have a better understanding of the double helical structure and the function and properties of DNA. Contains instruction manual, 144 plastic DNA building pieces, rod, spacers, and wooden base. Building and painting project ideal for six students.

Kit Contains:
Instructor Manual
Student Problem Sheet
Figure Sheets (13 Figures)
Metal Rod Paired
Wooden Base
AT (Adenine-Thymine)
GC (Guanine-Cytosine)
Deoxyribose Units
Abbreviated Phosphate Grops
Carbon Atoms (of Deoxyribose)Bond
Phosphate to Carbon (of Deoxyribose) Bond
Flat Washer
Threaded Washer
Wing Nut
Top Nut
Set of 6 Different Colors of Model Paint
Paint Thinner