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Elementary Crime Solving 1-164

Target Grades: 2-6

Hold your entire class of student detectives spellbound with a mystery at the mall. This exercise is designed to show young students how the scientific method works in everyday life, in this instance through forensic science. The students must solve a crime (the problem) through observation, reasoning, and experimentation. Includes fibers and hairs as evidence, fingerprints, blood types, and personal profiles full of clues and circumstantial evidence. Students work as a team to reach a decision as to who they believe stole the shirt, then compare their suspect to the official police evidence. Required, but not included: microscope, water bath, distilled water, and glass test tubes with stoppers. Designed for 24 students working in six groups of four.

Kit Contains:
Instructor Manual
Student Manuals
Police Evidence Envelope
Suspect Evidence Envelopes (for groups)
Silk Swatch
Cotton Swatch
Linen Swatch
Polyester Swatch
Wool Swatch (Simulated)
Cat Hair
Human Hair
Rabbit Hair
Magnifying Glasses
Cover Slips
Wooden Sticks
Litmus Paper
Mounting Medium