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Enzymes Introduction 8-100

Target Grades: 11-14

Enzymes are sometimes present in such small amounts that the amount of enzyme is determined by measuring its “activity”. This kit is designed to study the enzyme activity of Invertase, Amylase, and Pepsin using specific enzyme assay systems. It includes five introductory experiments including three for enzyme activity, one for the presence of Amylase in saliva, and one on the effect of time on enzyme activity. Invertase and Amylase activity are measured using systems with the chemical DNS which creates a distinctive color change. Students may use visual examination or a spectrophotometer to determine reaction rates. This kit includes all necessary chemicals and a reply card for Invertase, Amylase, Pepsin & Hemoglobin to be shipped separately upon request. Reply card items are only shipped within the continental United States. Required, but not included: lab glassware; including beakers, test tubes, and graduated cylinders; a hot plate or water bath, with a spectrophotometer or colorimeter being optional (absorption 540 nm). Designed for advanced biology classes and includes sufficient chemicals for 24 students working in six groups of four.

Kit Contains:
Instructor Manual
Student Data Sheets
Assessment Manual
Buffer 1
Buffer 2
Universal Indicator Solution
DNS Reagent
Reply Card for Amylase, Invertase, Pepsin, Hemoglobin