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Fluorescent Dye Set 12-132

Target Grades: 8-12

Here is an attention grabbing method for introducing discussions about the electromagnetic spectrum and light. The set contains blue, green, orange and red fluorescent dyes suitable for coloring water for demonstrations, particularly those performed under black light (ultraviolet radiation of wavelength 320-400nm). The observed color of conventional pigments and dyes results from their selective absorption and reflection of various wavelengths of light in the visible portion of the spectrum. The appearance of color is absent when no light source is present.  Certain materials have the property of absorbing radiant energy of wavelengths not visible to the human eye (usually 320 to 400 nm), converting them into energy of longer wavelengths, and emitting them as visible light. Materials possessing this property are said to be luminescent.

Kit Contains:
Instructor Manual
Red Dye Solution
Blue Dye Solution
Green Dye Solution
Orange Dye Solution