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Biogas Kit TK-BIOGAS

Target Grades: 8-14

Create your own bio-renewable energy using readily available organic waste materials with this biogas kit.  Biogas is now used to power engines, generate electricity, cook food, and heat homes.  This kit includes a biogas digester, a one gallon biogas collection bag, all necessary fittings and tubing, a check valve, a combustion nozzle assembly, and safety equipment for one person (goggles, gloves, and apron).  Supply approximately ½ gallon of antibiotic-free manure as your biomass.  Expect significant gas production in about three to five days. Simply vary the biomass source and/or digestion temperature and you have a variety of comparative experiments to analyze.  Rabbit manure works well.

Kit Contains:
Fitting, Brass
Check Valve
Elbow Barb
Drainage Bag
Jar w/ Screw Cap
Goggles, Impact
Lab Apron
Vinyl Repair Patches