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Human Activity and the Environment 1-169

Target Grades: 5-8

Students study food web relationships and how natural and human induced changes in the environment such as severe storms, drought, floods, housing developments, road salt, and fertilizer runoff upset the balance of ecosystems.  They investigate nature’s ability to restore balance between the number of different types of organisms, such as predators and prey, within natural habits of the community.  Hands on activities include, Exploring Biodiversity, The Salted Roads, The Effects of Runoff, Flooding and Decomposition, The Forest Community, and the Hawks and Mice Game. Conservation is discussed in terms of using natural resources wisely to help preserve the natural balance.  Additional materials required: fresh celery, an apple, a slice of bread, dominoes, recycled milk jugs or alternative containers, and salt.  Designed for 24 students working in groups of four.

Kit Contains:
Instructor Manual
Plastic Cups
Small Jars
Miracle Gro™
Methylene Blue Stain
Potting Soil
Radish Seeds
Bean Seeds
Game Beads
Plastic Spoons