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Master Forensics 10-526

Target Grades: 7-14

Kemtec’s Master Forensics Kit presents the ultimate Crime Scene Investigation problem solving and deductive reasoning activity. This kit includes our slightly modified Fingerprint Analysis, Soil and Mineral Analysis, Hair Analysis, Document Analysis, and Analysis of Drugs and Poisons kits. Following training, your CSI investigators watch the included CD setting the scene for the crime and collect the clues to solve one of the four case scenarios. Includes all materials for training activities, a faculty cast list, and materials for preparing the evidence box. Complete with an updated, bound instructor’s manual, CDs, reproducible student instructions, and reproducible worksheets. Allow the equivalent of 12-14 one-hour lab periods. Not included: Microscopes, Chemical Splash Goggles, UV light, Oven or Heat Lamp, balance, (36) large test tubes, (6) graduated cylinders, 10 ml, (6) evaporating dishes, gloves and lab aprons. Designed for 24 students working in groups of four.

Kit Contains:
Instructor Manual
Student Manual
Components of Fingerprint Analysis Kit (10-504)
Components of Soil and Mineral Analysis Kit (10-500)
Components of Hair Analysis Kit (10-522)
Components of Document Analysis Kit (10-506)
Components of Analysis of Drugs and Poisons Kit (10-502)