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Odontology - One Bite Out of Crime 10-536 / 10-537

Target Grades: 9-14

Dental records, like fingerprints, offer a form of positive identification. Not only do they differ in detail from person to person, but they last longer than other physical evidence and may be the only identifiable body characteristic following catastrophic accidents, explosions, burning, or decomposition. Changes in dental records are minor as a person ages, so records compiled years earlier may provide positive identification. Kit includes seven experiments: Making a Patient Dental Chart, Identifying a Body with Dental Charts, Casting Teeth, Evidence Analysis of Bite Mark Injury, Collecting Evidence (Bite Marks in Wax Molds), Identifying Suspects from Bite Marks, and Identifying Suspects (Matching Teeth Cast to Wax Bite Planes). Designed for 24 students working in six groups of four. Meets national standards for grades 9-12.

Part # 10-537, Mini Kit (ideal for 1 to 4 students)
Part # 10-536, Classpack (for 24 students) - SHOWN BELOW

Kit Contains:
Instructor's Manual
Experiment #1, Student Data Sheet (SDS) Patient Chart, Dentist Worksheet (SDS)
Experiment #1, Student Data Sheet, Assistants Worksheet
Experiment #2, Identifying a Body with Dental Charts
Experiment #3, SDS, Working Teeth Model
Experiment #4, SDS, Metric Analysis of Bite Mark
Experiment #5, SDS, Making Bite Mark Evidence In Wax
Experiment # 6, SDS, Identifying bite Marks in Wax
Experiment # 7, SDS, Identifying Suspect by Matching Teeth Cast to
Teeth Bite Tray (Small & Medium)
Tooth Development Diagram SDS, Figure 1
Tooth Eruption at 5 Years SDS, Figure 2
Magic Marker
Mold Material
Plaster Paris
Tongue Depressors
Plastic Cups
Measuring Cups
Sealable Bags
Metric Rulers
Wax Bite Plates
Wax Bite Plane