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Physical & Chemical Resources of the Living Ocean 9-124

Target Grades: 9-12

This kit is designed to examine salt, not only as the most obvious property of seawater, but also as one of its most valuable chemical resources. Students learn about the varying salt concentrations of seawater and its amazingly uniform composition. They also learn how salt can be removed from seawater. Experiments include: determining salinity by evaporation, determining salinity using a hydrometer, desalination by freezing, and desalination using a solar still. Allow five class periods. Required, but not included: refrigerator or freezer, hot plate, balance (x .01g), chloride/salinity test kit, and laboratory glassware. Designed for 24 students work in six groups of four.

Kit Contains:
Instructor’s Manual with Reproducible Student Data Sheets
Empty Bottles w/ Caps
Graduated Cylinders
Fine Sand
Sea Salt
Petri Dishes