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Properties of Lipids 8-154

Target Grades: College Level

Lipids constitute a heterogeneous collection of compounds grouped together because of their solubility properties. In nature they are essential for membrane structure and function and for energy storage. The tests in this kit demonstrate the properties of lipids, teach students how to identify lipids, show students how to dissolve lipids in polar substances, and allow students to distinguish between saturated and unsaturated lipids. Experiments include: Solubility of Lipids, Emulsification of Lipids, Grease Spot Test for Fats, Saponification of Fats, and Iodine Test for Absorption. This kit contains chloroform, petroleum ether and methanol. Required, but not included: a fume hood, water bath, personal protective equipment, test tubes, and watch glasses. Designed for 24 students working in six groups of four.Kit Contains:

Instructor Manual
Student Data Sheets
Petroleum Ether Solution
Alcoholic KOH Solution
HCI Solution
Olive Oil
Detergent Solution
Soap Solution
Chloroform Solution
Iodine Solution
Methanol Solution
Gylcerol Solution
Solid Fat
Bile Salts