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Quantifying Plant Growth Regulators 2-508

Target Grades: 10-14

With this kit, students grow seedlings and set up a plant tissue bioassay model to investigate the effects of plant growth regulators. They observe, compare, and contrast the effects of three different growth regulators on plant tissue. The dramatic effects of the topically applied plant hormones give insight to the functions of these regulators inside the plant cells. Students will perform several experiments to determine the differences in the auxin and gibberellin responses, as characterized by curvature, elongation, and multidirectional curvature or twisting. Further experiments may be done to observe the effects of combinations of the plant growth hormones.
Designed for 24 students working in six groups of four.

Kit Contains:
Instructor Manual
Student Data Sheets
Material Safety Data Sheets
Methods of Assessment Manual
Special Needs Materials
3 Drams vials empty
Filter Paper
Burpee Stringless Beans
Vial Plant Hormones
Indole 3 Acetic Acid
Gibberellic Acid
2,4 Dichloro-phenoxyacetic Acid
Ethanol Solution