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Kitchen Science  4-447 / 4-449

Target Grades: 7-10

The kitchen is a fantastic, yet familiar place to introduce practical and relevant chemistry and biology concepts.  Students explore the chemistry behind standard ingredients used in baking and learn how different preparation methods using the same ingredients affect the textures and flavors of foods.  Physical and chemical properties of starches, sugars, and proteins are identified in the chemistry lab.  Wild and commercial sources of yeast are cultivated, and the effects of temperature and food source on yeast growth are graphed and quantitatively compared.  Students learn about chemical, biological, and mechanical leavening and the role of protein structure in the leavening process.  In an extension activity, students learn to make scientific comparisons of the properties of baked goods made using different methods of leavening.  Class kit includes materials for 24 students working in groups of four and requires common laboratory equipment including a scale.  Mini kit includes one pair goggles, test tubes, test tube rack, thermometer and measuring scoops eliminating the need for a lab setting or a scale. Requires Bunsen burner, hot plate, or stove top.

4-447 Kitchen Science Class Kit
4-449 Kitchen Science Mini Kit (ideal for one student or a small group)

Kit Contains:
Instructor Manual
Special Needs Guide
Methods of Assessment Manual
Material Safety Data Sheet
Universal Indicator
Universal Indicator Color Chart
Microplate, 24-Well
Lugol's Solution 1.5%
Deionized Water
Baking Powder
Baking Soda
Corn Starch
Sugar, Table
Yeast, Active Dry
Plastic Container
Wax Paper Squares