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Urinalysis, Simulated 8-306

Target Grades: 9-12

The analysis of urine is a valuable procedure for evaluating a person’s health. Using simulated urine samples, students are introduced to biomedical urinalysis procedures similar to those utilized in medical laboratories to determine the general characteristics of urine, observe sediments found in urine, and test for glucose, albumin, pH, specific gravity, and lead. No real urine or human products are used in this kit. Required, but not included: a Bunsen burner, balance, microscope, lab glassware, urine hydrometers (optional), and a centrifuge (1500 rpm, optional). Designed for 24 students working in six groups of four.

Kit Contains:
Instructor Manual
Student Data Sheet
Normal Urine Sample
High Glucose Urine Sample
High Albumin Urine Sample
High Lead Urine Sample
Urine Coloring Solution
Sodium Sulfide
Unversal Indicator Solution
Acetic Acid
Glucose Test Strips
Microscope Slides
Empty Dropper Bottles
Urine Sample Cups w/ Lids